Stopping an E-mail Archive in Office 365

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Wondering if I can get a little guidance.


I setup my Office365 Exchange Online e-mail to archive as a test to see how it works, etc.


I'm now trying to stop that archive but when I use the O365 Exchange admin center it tells me that I have to do this from the on premise Exchange. We don't have Exchange on premise any more it's in the cloud. The only thing left on premise is our Active Directory.


How do I go about stopping the archive??

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Not sure if this helps, I had to do this way back, think it was initiated on-prem and the change synced and the in-place archive was deprovisioned.  


It's the scenario 2 listed here, that I am thinking of - Disable-RemoteMailbox. Think you'd have to have access to the Exchange Management Shell to try this.  I think you are meant to keep an Exchange Server to remain supported and perform certain management tasks after hybrid.


Anyway, this may not fit your scenario.

Don't believe I can do this as I don't have an Exchange serve on premise. That defeats the purpose of moving to the cloud.

I know what you mean. This is the guidance I have in mind


How and when to decommission your on-premises Exchange servers in a hybrid deployment


Why you may not want to decommission Exchange servers from on-premises.png

Specifically, scenario two is the one I'm thinking of.  Worth reviewing anyway in case it's relevant.

How did you enable the archive in the first place? And how did you provision the mailbox? If it was an On-Prem mailbox, you will probably have to play a bit with the attributes in AD, read here:

Thanx Vasil


The archive was created in the O365 Exchange admin center. The mailbox came from an on premise Active Directory and Exchange when we went to O365 years ago.


Will look at the link in the morning



The link you sent me worked great and I was able to stop the archive.

One issue though it immediately deleted the archive I had and didn't give me a chance to recover all the archived e-mail.

If the archive mailbox was deleted within the last 30 days, you can give this a try:


"When administrators delete users from the on-premises Exchange Server, the users’ archives are also deleted. If the deleted archive mailboxes need to be recovered, the Office 365 support team can perform this recovery. A recovered archive will contain all of the mail stored in it at the time it was deleted."

Oh well, sorry for not being clear about this. The link @Dominik Hoefling provided should help you with the recovery process and you can also just restore the attributes On-Prem in order to reconnect the archive.

Will have to call support on Monday to see if I can get the archive back without it archiving more mail

If I restore the attribute won't the archive be restored and I'm right back where I started???

Either way I'm loosing about 10 years of e-mail I can't restore