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Can 2 Exchange 2013 CU 13 servers (not load balanced) share the same third party SSL certificate? Looking for a recent tech article that shows this can be done.


One of the Exchange 2013 server, Server 1, is a hybrid server for O365, one is not. Both are virtual servers.Server 1 is also an internal SMTP relay server. Server 1 will have system maintenance. Server 2, will take over the internal SMTP relay server role while Server 1 is offline.


Thanks in advance.

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Hi Emy,


Yes, for the best practice you should have the same certificate across all Exchange Servers that offer services.


When configuring a hybrid deployment, you must use and configure certificates that you have purchased from a trusted third-party CA. The certificate used for hybrid secure mail transport must be installed on all on-premises Mailbox (Exchange 2016 and newer), and Mailbox and Client Access (Exchange 2013 and older) servers.


You can read more here -

@Nuno Silva - Thank you! Just the information I need.