SMTP in Microsoft Exchange Online - Roadmap

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In one of our in-house web applications we use Microsoft Exchange Online to send email messages. This currently uses SMTP with Basic Authentication. We are looking at changing Basic Auth to oAuth standards as Microsoft may stop basic auth support for SMTP in future. Could you please advise

1. When is Microsoft likely to stop support for SMTP + Basic auth?

2. Is there a plan to decommission SMTP protocol in Microsoft Exchange Online as per its roadmap?

3. Do you have any recommendations on future-proofing our solution - whether to migrate to other protocol like Graph API or just change Basic Auth to oAuth with SMTP?



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@TAE YOUN ANN, thanks for the info. Could you please help with this question - are there any plans to decommission SMTP protocol from Exchange Online in future?




The link in the first answer states as follows:

We are not turning off SMTP AUTH. We have turned off SMTP AUTH for millions of tenants not using it, but if SMTP AUTH is enabled in your tenant, it’s because we see usage and so we won’t touch it. We do recommend you disable it at the tenant level and re-enable it only for those user accounts that still need it.
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We have not announced any dates for decommissioning of basic auth for SMTP, that I'm immediately aware of. Obviously, it is a GREAT idea to do so. And we have documented how to auth using OAuth for SMTP:
I am not aware of any plans for retiring SMTP as a protocol. I am not aware of that having been on any roadmap of any kind.

@Nino Bilic , thank you. That was really helpful!

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