SMTP host is rejecting the email from wordpress

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Please i need your help on this issue. 


Our SMTP host is rejecting the email from wordpress. 


Here is then screenshot of the error message:


SMTP 2.png



SMTP 3 original.png


SMTP 4 original.png



SMTP 5 Original.pngSMTP 6 original.png

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Seems like a problem with the certificate (OpenSSL error 1416F086). If you are running your own instance of WP, is there not firewall software installed as well which might be blocking communications? Also, is there no Debug log which might provide more details? (or is that paid product only)

Hello @Michel de Rooij 


Thank you for your reply


We did have a blanket firewall set up, but we did open it for the port 587 for outbound traffic for this purpose.


However, the same issues arose. Are there any specific firewall settings I should set up? Please assist on this. With regards to the debug log, this issue does not come up.


The launch wizard has a part where we test if the email gets sent and that is when the errors were displayed.