SMIME Extension Error in EDGE

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I am getting an error while trying to test Out SMIME Extension in OWA (Outlook on the web)


-S/mime works fine in Outlook Desktop Client, Issue is only for OWA

 -I have installed the extension using the link:

Microsoft S/MIME - Microsoft Edge Addons



-Attempting to access S/mime page in OWA settings before installation(or while extension disabled) shows the attached:



-After Installation(enabling), It just keeps loading forever, Never stops or returns the error


Accessing the Extension page: edge://extensions -> Select Extension -> Select "errors" shows the below:


Error while receiving settings: [object Object]

"Unchecked runtime.lastError: Access to the specified native messaging host is forbidden."


Any idea? What could be going wrong here? (Keep in mind, S/mime works fine in Outlook Desktop Client)

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