Shared Mailbox content migration

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Our company has a lot of inactive users (former employees) still listed as active users. 

Sign-in has been blocked for all of them, and their mailboxes have been converted to shared mailboxes. 

There has been attempted logins from former employees and I would like to delete these old users, however, if I do that, I assume their shared mailboxes will disappear. 

I thought of creating a new shared mailbox, with separate folders, one for each former employee, and then move the mails there. But this is going to take forever and a day. Is there a way to 'mass merge' old shared mailboxes into one? How do you handle shared mailboxes from former employees? How long do you keep it? How long do you keep the old users before deleting them?

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Use Inactive mailboxes instead:
They are free, and can be used to preserve data indefinitely, without any option for end users to access it.