Shared mailbox auto delete not occurring for 2nd or 3rd user

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Shared outlook home and business 2019 email address that 3 staff have access to isn’t syncing the subfolders properly

We will call the staff members, No 1, No 2 and No 3.

When some email arrives that isn’t wanted, when No 1 staff member deletes that email, it should auto delete from the other 2 staff member’s mailbox but doesn’t.

When No 2 deletes that email, it shows as deleted but then shows in No1 mailbox as a duplicate of the first email that they deleted

Haven’t asked No 3 if they are having sync issues as at remote location


Each .ost file for each staff member is the same.

12.5gb for No1. 12.5 for No2

Have checked the permissions for each and are the same

Each user has had access for about 3 years. The issue started about 6 weeks ago

They each have the same version of 2019. Windows 10 Pro

Checked the outlook add-in options and all have the same

They have the same outlook slider option of 1 year

Unchecked cache on No 1 then No 2 and let re-sync overnight to no affect

Run a scanpst on No 1 and No 2 with no affect

Deleted email accounts for No 2 and re-created but still not resolve

As a simple workaround, client is deleting these emails when they need to

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It's very likely that you are seeing another issue caused by the local cache. Easiest way to check on this is to have all users work with OWA for a while, with Outlook closed. Try and delete a message via OWA, see how long it takes for the other users to see the changes. Keep in mind that OWA does not always automatically refresh the list of messages in a shared mailbox, so you might have to hit F5.
Hi Vasil,
Thanks for your reply. Users can't access this shared mailbox via OWA
Hi Vasil,
Unfortunately using OWA and clients having to refresh each time for emails wasn't appealing..
Hi community,
Wandering if there is another suggestion for this please?