Shared Calendars - is there a way to set them up in Outlook client without accepting an invite?

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Hello everyone,


We have a shared mailbox with several calendars inside, and they should all be accessible from the staff. We have generated ICS links for each of them, but some needed a restricted view because the link is shared also with external people. When new staff members start working for our company, we shared all these calendars with them assigning "Reviewer permissions". The way we share these calendars is via outlook invites (they only need to click on the "Accept" button and the calendars pop up under the "Shared Calendars" area). Sometimes people lose their connection with the shared calendars, getting the following message:



If I check the mailboxfolderpermissions I can see that these users are still there with the correct permissions, but they can't open the shared calendars anymore. I usually remove the user and send him/her another invite. 

Is there a way for the users to add these calendars themselves? They can't use all the generated ICS links because some of them have restricted views and if they try to add the shared mailbox in their outlook clients, only the default calendar shows up. Or is there a third party tool that can do this?

Any help would be much appreciated!



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They should be able to use the Add Calendar > Open shared calendar functionality.


Thank you for your reply.

Unfortunately not, I have already tried that. When you click on that option (Open Shared Calendar) you can search only in the GAL and if you select the shared mailbox, it will then add only the default calendar (all the other calendars are missing). If you try to type the names of the shared calendars, it simply returns "Microsoft Outlook doesn't recognize "XXX".