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Have a user who has a shared calendar. In the past, this user has manually added other users to be able to see their shared calendar. This user no longer wants to manually add new users. What we would like to do is, have a mail enabled security group. Place users who needs access to this shared calendar within the group and be able to search in outlook for this calendar. We currently have this setup but when we add new users to the group, they cannot view or access the shared calendar. They goto add shared calendar, type in the name but are unable to find it. Using exchange online. 

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Have you tried in OWA? There were some known issues with recent Outlook versions and access to shared resources, so try to narrow it down by testing via the webmail.
Yes, the issue follows in OWA. If I create a new group, add the users to this group, then add that new group to the shared folder it works. But the issue is adding new users to the existing group. There is no way for them to search or add them selfs. It seems as if the owner has to invite them .