Share user's mailbox: Default 'send from' address? and default sent folder?

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In an instance whereby a user's mailbox (say is shared with with 'Full Access' and 'Send as' privileges.


There seems to be two issues: 

  1. Whenever, replies to emails sent to, the 'send from' address is user2 instead of user1.
  2. And the replied email is only stored in the sent mailbox of user2 and not in user1.


How can both these issues be fixed?


Thanking you in advance,


Note: Using OWA and Exchange Online

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Hi Haneef,

The only way I can think of is opening user1 mailbox directly. In this case you will have one tab with user2 owa and another one with user1.

Hi Haneef,


Has Ricardo said you have to go directly in OWA for user 2 and also you will need to execute in PowerShell "set-mailbox <mailbox name> -MessageCopyForSentAsEnabled $True" to the sent itens keep on the second mailbox also. 


The following article also applies to Office 365

Thanks for that.

I would like user2 to be able to check and respond to user1's emails from within the same OWA tab in the browser. Yet, whilst replying to user1's emails, the default 'send from' address should be user1's email address.

How can this be achieved?

Unfortunately, it can't be achieved.

Hi Haneef,


You need to "Add another person’s mailbox to your folder list in Outlook Web App", please follow the following article

Hi Haneef,


it can be done if you are using an Outlook client instead of OWA.

Have a look at RightFrom and UniSent utilities.