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Hello All,


We are almost finishing the integration project with another email domain. We are planning to set up an automated response for 150+ users for their legacy email addresses.


How do we setup auto response when some one email them on their legacy email address for e.g. to be auto responded as this email address no more exist please send email to


this needs to be done for all 150 users. Any idea?

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You can able to set this using Set-MailboxAutoReplyConfiguration. For more details refer this blog

Thanks Santosh.


Looking at the drawback i dont think it will be a viable solution. As our requirement is to fire auto response from all 150 users. so Mail flow rule i guess not viable one. Coming back to powershell we want the rule to fire only when it hit legacy address of the email.



Set up a transport rule for messages sent to that mail domain and reject the message with a an explanation why (NDR). There might even be a way to still accept the message and send some form of reply to the sender

Thanks Dan.


But that will not work as we need to give the senders the correct email address as well while replying back :)

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You can use the below script to get this done. 


$Mailboxs=get-mailbox -resultsize unlimited | Where { $_.RecipientTypeDetails -eq ‘LegacyMailbox’ } 
Foreach($Mailbox in $mailboxs)
$Message="email address no more exist please send email to"+$Mailbox.Alias+$NewdomainName
Set-MailboxAutoReplyConfiguration -Identity $Mailbox.Identity -AutoReplyState scheduled -InternalMessage $Message -ExternalMessage $Message

Thanks Santosh.