Setting up mailboxes for multiple domains - Best Way?

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Hi All,


We have six companies within our group, each with their own domain in exchange. Each company has a finance email address, and I have been asked to create additional accounts.payable and accounts.receivable email address. 


The issues I am coming across is when I've created the email address for the first company it's also created a .onmicrosoft address as well, so when go to add another it says the name is taken. 


Is there a workaround for this? Also is there a better way of sorting than adding 12 more inboxes someone has to monitor?



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Do you need actual mailboxes for each address? Perhaps it's easier to create one mailbox per company and add all required addresses as aliases to it?
As for the "name taken" issue, that's a UI gimmick. You can use PowerShell to work around it.
Thanks. I initially set them up as aliases, then set a rule to filter each reply to a relevant folder. I was coming across an error when trying to send emails, they were bouncing back saying I don't have permissions to send from the alias even though I have full permissions.

@VasilMichev Thanks very much. I'll give it a go.