Set-ExternalInOutlook -AllowList {} still tagging emails as External's%20using%20the%20same%20sub%20SMTP%20domain%3F%26nbsp%3B%3C%2FP%3E%3CP%3E%3CBR%20%2F%3Ethanks!%3C%2FP%3E%3CP%3E%26nbsp%3B%3C%2FP%3E%3C%2FLINGO-BODY%3E%3CLINGO-LABS%20id%3D%22lingo-labs-2342001%22%20slang%3D%22en-US%22%3E%3CLINGO-LABEL%3EExchange%20Online%3C%2FLINGO-LABEL%3E%3CLINGO-LABEL%3EOutlook%3C%2FLINGO-LABEL%3E%3CLINGO-LABEL%3ESet-ExternalInOutlook%3C%2FLINGO-LABEL%3E%3C%2FLINGO-LABS%3E
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After configured Set-ExternalInOutlook to true, I noticed emails sent using our primary SMTP domain from on premise apps to (Exchange Online),  are still being tagged with External. I added our primany SMTP domain to the AllowList, "" but they are still being tagged as External.


I was expected this would fix the issue but it has not. Is this expected behavior since it's using the same sub SMTP domain? 



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Hi @K-ROD,


just wait. When I tested it,  after executing the commandlet the Allowlist behavior has been changed in 60 hours.


If you interested in GUI for "Set-ExternalInOutlook",  have a look at this.

Sorry, I forgot to mention it's been roughly a week now.