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Hi is it possible to create a rule that appends different disclaimers depending on the alias the message is sent from?





i want two separate signatures, if possible?


Kind rgds 

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Hi @Charlie Jones,


I think, it is possible. Please check the rule possibility as follows from your exchange control panel

Hi @Charlie Jones, please describe in details how do you send as alias.

As far as I know you cannot send as alias nor with desktop Outlook nor with OWA .

@Charlie Jones One possible option I can see right off the bat is to use custom "X-header" for your requirement. You can always leverage custom X-headers along with some unique value to the message sent using primary SMTP address: and then a different (but unique) value if the message get triggered using alias address: etc.


In action, how to?


Detect the sender address along with custom X-header value in your existing disclaimer transport rule for default domain (For primary,  use default, web1 company disclaimer)


For secondary domain, create a new transport rule. Insert you demo web2, company disclaimer only if the custom X-header you specified for the domain2, is present.


Good luck & Cheers, Sammy

Hi @Salman M. Rafique, it seems you forgot to explain how to add an X-header  to  the message.

@Victor Ivanidze bad :)

So, X-Custom Header can be inserted with little code development.
Provision x-headers by using EWS in Exchange


Then, how to leverage them with transport rules in EXO - 
Mail flow rule conditions and exceptions (predicates) in Exchange Online


Here's courtesy to MVP, he shared using Outlook Macro/VBA code I think.




Hi @Salman M. Rafique. so you suggestion is to add a piece of software to each Outlook?

I'm afraid a topic starter will not be very happy then.

Hi @Charlie Jones, you have to write a custom piece of software to do what you want.