Sent Items behavior control comes to Exchange Online user mailboxes

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It has been a while since The Exchange Team blogged about the ability to control the behavior of Sent Items for shared mailboxes when users either send as or on behalf of shared mailboxes. Today, the team is glad to share that this feature is currently rolling out for User mailboxes also! What does that mean in real life?


Let’s say you have the following scenario:

  • Mary is a delegator / manager on the team
  • Rob is a delegate on Mary’s mailbox; Rob has “Send As” or “Send on behalf of” rights on Mary’s mailbox
  • When Rob sends an email as Mary, the email will be only in Rob’s Sent Items folder

With this feature enabled on Mary’s mailbox, the message that Rob sends as Mary will be copied (by Exchange) to Mary’s mailbox also. In other words – both Rob and Mary will have the email in their Sent Items folders.


Learn more on the Exchange Team Blog.

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Many thanks for share, Great News !