send on behalf, not using primarysmtpaddress in FROM

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we have some o365 groups with primarysmtp, when a mail is sent on behalf of that group, for example by teams, the primary smtp domain of the group is not used, instead is used in the FROM:  even though this smtp address is not specified in any mail related attribute.


is there some way to correct this? why does this happen? we have a requirement that these groups are correctly identified.

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You cannot send outgoing messages from Teams, so I'm assuming you are talking about some system-generated ones? In that case, best open a support case, as it's probably something Microsoft needs to address on the backend/in code.

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I have came across this issue. This setting is in Teams and the email address used by sender is the MS Team unique id.


This could not be changed.

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When you create a meeting in Teams, via the Teams calendar and then add a channel, the meeting request is sent on behalf of the user from the o365 group.


The o365 group SMTP address is used in the FROM: field, however the primary SMTP address of the group is not used, in fact the SMTP address which is used does not exist.


so for example : a meeting created in the XYZ team, where the o365 group primary SMTP,

the invite comes from this SMTP address does not exist and this is not correct, it should be






Agreed, this is not the expected behavior, Teams should use the corresponding group address. Open a support case and report this, and I'll try pinging few folks.