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I am a beginner in exchange server and I hope you guys help me!

My boss wants a local exchange server to be able to send and receive external mails,


I have a windows server 2016 with exchange server 2016 in VirtualBox

What I did is Add AD DS and follow this manual until the End:

After that, I add a receive connector I follow also this manual:

Tell me guys, if I miss something, because I not able to send or receive any mail from external 

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Assuming you already got static IP in DMZ or all ports related to exchange operations are forwarded if exchange machine is in LAN, then

You need to create internal DNS namespace, configure external URL, external DNS, allow mail flow and client firewall ports, setup SPF in DNS and to make sure that domain is added in accepted domains.

You can get detailed step by step info using following URL:



Let me know if it solves your query.

Outgoing email:
1. Confirm that you have configured accepted domains for all your public domains.
2. please confirm if you have a send connector configured for address space "*"?
3. Test an external smtp server to see if you can connect properly. you can use telnet or test-netconnection.

Incoming email:
1. Confirm that you have a mx record configured in your public dns for the public domain. the mx should be configure with a name/value that points to a public address for your environment.
2. Confirm that you have proper redirection and access rules configured to route the smtp traffics (port 25) from the router tk the exchange server.