Send As Permission Reports

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Looking for ways to monitor when a user has send as permissions.  Are there reports for this?  When a user send as another user. Does reports show that? Does those emails get filed on the user's mailbox or the user that has send-as sent folder?  I did a quick message trace and did not see a field that seems to related to this permission?  I like to have a report that shows who has those permissions, that emails are being sent, number of emails sent and who is sending as who.  Thank you. 


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You can get a report of all Send As permissions just by running Get-RecipientPermissions with no parameters. As for finding out who sent a message as/on behalf of another person, you need to crawl the audit logs for that.

Thanks. The Audit logs will kind of get me what I need. The details are sparse but I can bounce between that and message trace.  With all of the reports in EOP, kind of surprised there isnt a better option. 


@Vasil Michev 

Tell me about it. As a vendor that offers a reporting solution for O365, you cannot imagine the amount of PowerShell jobs we need to run in order to gather data, the Graph APIs only cover the very basic stuff. Especially when it comes to things like the mail flow details/message traces and the different insights surfaced in the SCC... I've been asking MS for years to give us API access to those, but no dice.