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Apologies if this seems a bit of a dumb question but struggling to find a definite answer to the below


In our Security & Compliance centre there is a global policy which is set to retain everything for 5 years in Exchange


Within Exchange online there is a mailbox retention policy which is assigned as default to remove items over 2 years old (default assignment to whole mailbox)


The issue we have is we expected the mailbox to remove items still over 2 year old but be still kept on hold (just not visible by the user in the mailbox for 5 years) as part of the Security & Compliance global policy


In a users mailbox we can see items being tagged with the 2 year delete mailbox policy, but they never get removed.


Would this be the Security & Compliance centre stopping this or are the policies conflicting with each other and the longest retention is winning, hence why the items are not being deleted after 2 years?


We ran the Start-ManagedFolderAssistant against the mailbox which does apply the mailbox 2 year retention policy and tag them, just not getting removed. It's also been over 7 days since the mailbox policy was assigned.


Any help / tips would be appreciated



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Nope, this shouldn't be the case. Check when the mailbox was last processed in the ELC logs and also how many items were processed. If you need detailed steps on how to do that check Tony's article here:

Hi, Did you ever get to the bottom of your problem? According to these are the rules:

1 Retention wins over deletion

2 Longest retention period wins

3 Explicit inclusion wins over implicit inclusion

4 Shortest deletion period wins


It doesnt really say if this true even cross policy so compliance policy vs exchange policy Cheers Andy