Searching for appointments in a shared calendar

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At our school we have 1 shared calendar for appointments that are important for everyone.

All my colleagues have read or edit rights on that callendar.


When they want to search for a prticular appointment there are no results in the search pane form the shared calendar.

But when you enter the search keyword only the appointments with the search key word are vissiblecalendar 01.PNG in the calendar the other appointments are filtered out.










Is this expected behaviour? Why can't I see the results in the search pane, but are they filtered in my agenda. This works for a part. After a search you have to click through the months to find the appointment you are looking for.

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Hi Maurits
I'm not very sure about your problem ,Generally, when sharing a calendar to other people in OWA (Outlook Web App) (, you can choose corresponding permissions in order to control the user who was shared the calendar to have what kind of operation to the shared calendar.Availability only shows the time of items on your calendar and no other details.
For more information, please refer to:


Hello Albert,

Thank you for your answer.

The problem is not about sharing the calendar. The problem is that when I have a shared calendar (I have the edit rights for that calendar) I can't search for appointments for that Calendar.

As you can see in my screenshot I can fill in a search and then only the appointments with that word are visible. But when I fill in a search word and hit search the searchpane is still empty. There are no search results returned.

Yeah, I have the same experience. When you type in the search box, it does perform a "filter" operation on the current view, not an actual search. If you have selected multiple calendars, it will "filter" across them all.


If you press the search button after typing the keyword however, an actual search is perfomed, and as far as I can tell only results from your calendar are returned. At least in my tests, no results from shared calendars were included. I will try to get more info on this...

Thank you @VasilMichev You have discribed my situation. I hope you can find some information.


I just came across this thread, was this issue resolved? 



Has this been resolved? I am still experiencing difficulty searching a shared calendar in Outlook 365

I am experiencing the same issue within my organization... Microsoft calendar bites.

If anyone has a solution or a fix, I am all ears. TIA