Running reports command and getting Failed to connect to the data mart.

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Hello All,


Please let me know why am i getting below message when i try to run couple of commands Get-LicenseVsUsageSummaryReport and Get-GroupActivityReport


Error Number: "18452". Failed to connect to the data mart.

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Both work fine for me, maybe you should try to get the relevant reports from the Portal instead. It you dont get any data in the portal either, open a support case.

Did you ever get this resolved? I'm having the same errors using a web browser or via Excel oData Data Feed. I can access the reports via the Portal, but not via the web reporting service. I'm getting the same error regardless which report I try to run. 

@Joshua Villagomez I was able to export the reports via Admin Portal.


I found this article which explains 


Just got this. Error Number: "18452". Failed to connect to the data mart. Exporting the report from the admin center gives me undefined in the fields. 


Get-ConnectionByClientTypeReport is what I am trying to run




Do you get the same error by running the report from a browser? For example, go here:


It should prompt you for your O365 credentials. What results do you get?

@DeletedThanks. I'd like to test that out, but the link seems to be broken.

<m:message xml:lang="">Failed to connect to the data mart.</m:message>
I was prompted for credentials, and using a global admin account.