Rule based on alias in a shared mailbox

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I have a shared mailbox with a lot of folders and subfolders. This shared mailbox will receive emails from the organization and also from external senders. I need to define rules to move the inbox emails to the folders and subfolders, and I thought that aliases defined in the shared mailbox could be a solution to redirect emails (rule defined as "it was sent to..."), but aliases are resolved to the principal address and the rule is not executed. I can't use the subject text because there is not a pattern that can differentiate the emails.

Any idea to achieve my requisites?

Thank you!!


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Hi again,


I've finally found the solution, which consists on accessing the outlook portal from  instead of 

From the first mentioned portal, more options to create rules are showed. In my case I've used the condition "Messages header includes" and the alias as value. As the alias is in the header, the rules work as expected.


Thank you!!