room-mailbox exchange online

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We have hybrid deployment and we have migrated the first room mailbox to office365.

But now the on-prem user cannot find the room.


Can someone advise me how to fixed this ?

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And how exactly did you migrate them? What kind of object, if any, remains for said room mailbox in the on-premises AD and the GAL?

@Vasil Michev we have used the migration wizard from Microsoft.

In on-prem exchange 2010 is tis know remote room mailbox.

I have already downloaded the offline address book but is there another option ? 

@gduchateau2020  hello gduchateau and congrats on your decision to go o365! In the on-prem environment, can you check if there is still an object for the mailbox that was moved? 


It sounds like after the migration, the mailuser object for the room mailbox may not have been created successfully. 


Consider creating a mailUser object in your onprem environment and setting a targetAddress property to match the room mailbox SMTP address. This should allow it to show in the onprem GAL for non migrated users. 


Good luck!