Room finder not working but suggested locations show rooms

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Hi everyone,

We have a problem with room finder both in outlook and OWA.

When a user tries to check the room finder to search for a room they get this window:


Our exchange is hybrid. The on-premise exchange server is used for mail relay and creating new mail-enabled users (historical reasons).

Based on all the forums and documentations I created a room list distribution group and added all the rooms to that group. This several days ago and didn't resolve the issue. I also modified the metadata of one of the rooms (Added building and audio device name and video device name) This also didn't help.

The thing is, if I click on the suggested location I see the rooms including all the data about the room's availability.

I found some saying to create another room list even as a dummy to fix this issue... did that while writing this message and not sure this will help...


Any idea? should I open a ticket with Microsoft?


Thanks in advance, Rahamim.

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Hi Rahamim,

Same here. I have opened a support ticket, and this was recommended solution:
The solution seems to be working for Teams but not for Outlook.
What I noticed is that if you update a resource from a room to a workplace, it will show up in the finder. (Not an ideal solution of course)
Set-Mailbox -Identity “Email address removed” -Type workplace
That makes me think it's a room finder filtering issue that broke listing any available rooms.


I had to configure a city for each room for the list to be populated to outlook


How to configure the new Room Finder in Outlook - Microsoft Tech Community


Thanks for your answer. Rahamim.