Retrieving email/storage space statistics from Exchange

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I have a client asking to do the following:

"we need to get the total size of all messages with dates between 5/1/16 and 4/30/17."


Basically they want to purge anything between those dates, but first need to know the total size that they will be deleting before doing it so that size can be documented/reported.


Hoping someone can help!


Thank you!



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You can run eDiscovery in report-only mode, or some EWS-based script that enumerates all the messages in the given range.

@Vasil Michev Thank you for the reply!  I have suggested the eDiscovery reports to the client and they are checking that out. 


If they are really wanting to use PowerShell, any suggestions on how to do that?  I'm thinking maybe the New-ComplianceSearch or Search-Mailbox cmdlets, but maybe I'm off base (will both of these allow searching ALL mailboxes in the organization with the date range criteria and report necessary information - total # messages, total size, etc)?  If there is a better option, I'd appreciate the suggestion!  Thank you!

Yes, both cmdlets can search across all mailboxes and generate reports of the found messages/matches.