Retention Policys

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We have a discussion around retention policys.


My colleage says that a user can hard-delete an item from his/hers mailbox and this will not be preserved by the retention policy, therefor the admin (us) can not find it again.


I belive that when an item is deleted or hard-deleted, it will never leave the "Recoverable Items Folder" until it do not apply to a retention policy.


What is the correct answer?

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Depends on which version of "retention policies" you're talking about :) The ones you configure from the EAC do NOT preserve items. The ones you configure in the SCC do.

interesting, I did't know that.
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It's another name clash, but in all fairness the old ones (configurable via the EAC) did not "retain" anything. On the contrary, they were only used to delete/archive items, which is kinda the opposite of retention. The new ones, configurable via the SCC, act across the service and do actual retention.

Just to be clear, when you say SCC you are talking about Security and Complianse Center in Office 365.


But your answer is properly  why we are not on the same page on this, I did not know the difference as you pointed out.


We are going to set it in the SCC so it will be retained as we want it to be. Thanks for your input.

Yes, SCC equals the Security and Compliance Center. And here's an article that explains the retention policies there in detail, including comparisson with Exchange retention policies:

Hi Vasil,


Can we use Retention policies in SCC to retain data instead of using a feature like Litigation Hold?



You can, read the article I linked to above.

Thanks. Somehow it requires a P2 license or P1+ Exchange Online Archive license.

It has no dependency on any of the EMS licenses, if that's what you are referring to with P1/P2.