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Hello all, 


I am trying to apply retention to a folder in my inbox archive.   We used another solution called Enterprise Vault by Symantec.  All of our Archives lives in a folder called "inboxArchive"  So this folder was moved to the users mailbox archive in O365.  I am trying to apply a 10yr retention to it.  However in playing with the Tags and policies it looks like I can only do this to the Default outlook folder called "Archive" I cannot select my unique folder called "inboxArchive".


Is there a way to apply retention to just the archive mailbox as a whole or a selected folder?



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Hello! Sounds like you can use a personal tag for this (and not DPT or RPT). Never tried it so just a suggestion.

@ChristianBergstrom  That worked, I was able to apply it via outlook.  I just need to automate this for users.


Thanks for this!!

Awesome! Glad to hear that. Please mark my previous reply as ”best response” for future reference.
Done, thanks again.