RetantionPolicy not visible inside Outlook and OWA (some mailboxes)

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we have Exchange 2016 deployed on Windows Servers 2016 (with all patches installed, including CU16).

Recently some our users reported that they don't see retention policys inside Outlook or OWA - in case of Online Archiving feature.


I don't know if I explain well. Here is one screenshot what those users missing inside mailboxes:



Also policys are missing inside OWA.


On users mailboxes policys are applied:



Please help!


What can we do to solve this problem..

Thank you!

Regards, Erik

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Hi@ErikFrangez ,


Retention Policies can be overridden by Retention Hold Policies. Check, if there are Retention Hold policy applied. Disable the policy. For example, check

Get-Mailbox "Michael Allen" | Select RetentionHoldEnabled 

If this is enabled, disable it by

Set-Mailbox "Michael Allen" -RetentionHoldEnabled $false

@manuphilip Thank you but I have already check this. Its disabled. 

Hello Erik,

Did you try to restart the Mailbox Assistant service on the Exchange Server?
This service processes all retention labeling as well as applying the policies.
Maybe it's stuck for some reason?
And did you check if all the labels are correctly specified in the policy to the correct folders (personal vs default etc.)