Restrict open outlook when laptop missing

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I Need some advise about Exchange 365, some user had missing the laptop and inside the laptop have email confidential data.


how to prevent the thief to read our mail on outlook (thirdparty apps) when the laptop is offline..

 we already removed the email from exchange server , but we have tried on offline laptop can still read the mail because not connected to live server.





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If they have physical access to the laptop, and the messages are cached locally, there's nothing you can do. To prevent such things from happening in the future, consider encrypting the drive, or enrolling your devices in some MDM/MAM solution.
Thanks Vasil for your response
Dear Vasil,

How about wipe ost on laptop(online) from admin portal is possible ? with condition on exhange server the mail not deleted .
No way to do that if the device is offline. As mentioned above, enrolling your devices into O365 MDM/Intune will allow you to wipe data (device-wide or selectively), so consider this going forward.