Restoring Mailbox contents - Exchange online

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Hello Champs,


We have a situation. We have already crossed retention period for mailbox. Is there any way where i can restore mailbox contents? MS has already restored account but unfortunately no data. :(

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Unfortunately not, unless you have any 3rd party journaling or archiving solution - but I doubt you do based on your question.
Sorry it's not ideal, but that's what it is.
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Facts you have to deal with:


  • Exchange Online does not have backups. Unless you arrange for third-party backups via Spanning or another provider. Native Data Protection ensures that data is retained for as long as it is needed.
  • Once data is permanently removed from Exchange Online, it's gone. Permanent is the important word here.
  • If you need to keep data, don't delete it... Items removed from the Deleted Items folder or via SHIFT/Delete will be permanently removed after the retention period for the mailbox expires.