Resources are not available in Meetings

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In Exchange Online, we would like to make shared desks such as rooms bookable so that employees can reserve the desks themselves. This should be feasible with the resources we have. So much for the concept.

The resources have been created. But even after a longer period, the rooms are not provided/found in the Location field when creating an appointment - they are listed in the Contacts (e.g., for the introduction in the Participant field).

What could solution for the problem? I would appreciate any help in advance.
Thanks a lot!

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What kind of object did you create? Also, to clarify they will not automatically appear as selection for the Location field. Newer versions of Outlook have some added logic to generate suggestions for selection, but generally speaking you'd want to use a RoomList. Or click the corresponding Room finder button on the right.
Hi Vasil
We are talking of rooms that are entered in Exchange Admin or Central Admin. The rooms are now available to ad in the Location field of Outlook (Web and Apps). However, it took over a day in each case until the rooms were available there. We were little confused as in the Exchange documentation, they talked from about 10 minutes. In the Room Finder the Rooms still are not shown. It is not very big deal because the normal, fast search works fine for now and we only want to provide a limited number of rooms.
Thanks anyway,
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Keep in mind that Outlook needs to update the OAB before changes are reflected, in Exchange Online that happens once per 24h. OWA should reflect things faster indeed, I guess that's what the 10 minutes estimate is about.
Yes, that's what we had to realize :-). Thanks!