Resource/Room migration from Google

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I am working on a migration from Google to Microsoft for a client.  I'm trying to figure out how room resources work.  Do they get migrated?  If not, what happens to all the users' calendar items that include the resource(s)?  Is there a way to export/import the details of the resource calendars?  Would the meeting owners have to resend the invites once migrated?


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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When you migrate the user's email by using IMAP, only the items in the users' inbox or other mail folders are migrated.
Contacts, calendar items, and tasks can't be migrated with IMAP; a user can manually migrate them.

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Thank you!  I'm actually not doing an IMAP migration.  I will be using the Automated Migration tool from Microsoft for Google to Microsoft.  From what I can tell, since the Resource account has an "email" associated with it in Google, I should be able to create a Resource in Microsoft and map the 2 emails to each other.  If that isn't the case, then I assume all of the users of the Resource will have to recreate all of their calendar appointments that include that resource if they want to do so.