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is it possible to export (for example in csv file) all the upcoming meetings (with the meeting organizer, timeline and other meeting participants) for all resource mailboxes (rooms).

I know how to do it manually by checking and entering all the meetings in Excel, but is it possible to do it with PowerShell, Graph API or with some other way?

The reason for doing that is that we want to delete these resource mailboxes and use the new ones. Is it possible to copy / paste existing upcoming meetings from old ones to the new resource mailboxes?


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Not via pure PowerShell, but you can use an EWS-based script. Here's a sample one:
The Graph API is another option, see Tony's post here:

Both will require some work if you want individual meeting details to be exported, but the bulk of the logic remains the same.

Hi @Vasil Michev,

thanks for your answer, I already found your recommendation for this procedure earlier, I couldn't find anything better, so I will definitely try your recommendation.

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