Resource Mailbox "Booking Delegate Settings" vs/plus "Delegation"

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My org has many longtime Resource mailboxes (primarily Rooms) that have been migrated forward from various older versions of Exchange on-prem - all were migrated to EXO about 2 years ago.


Many of them have 'Delegation' configured with various users granted Full Access, Send on Behalf and/or Send As perms; but as Resource Mailboxes they ALSO have 'Booking Delegate Settings' configured.


We're getting more and more instances of unexpected behavior - so trying to get a solid handle on optimal configuration for these Resource mailboxes in EXO at the present time.


I believe that the root cause may be that some of the legacy 'delegation' settings that have been ported forward over the years are now conflicting with the 'Booking Delegate' settings, but I've been unable to find a good, current reference about how these two configs currently interact in EXO.


This is an older (2015) article about how the two different 'delegate' options play together in Resource mailboxes: Booking Delegation Vs. Classic Delegation - Microsoft Community Hub


Does anyone have a better or more current reference? Or is this one still golden?

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