Require Help Setting Up An Authenticated SMTP Relay On Premise Server

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We have an app in Azure that is sending emails on Port 587.

And we need to receive the emails on our On Premise Exchange and then relay them onto M365. 


What would be the steps for doing this?


I was looking at creating a new receive connector for 587, but what else would I need to do.



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Is this a hybrid setup or not?

You want the mail from the Azure app to pass your on-prem environment, do I read that correctly?
If so, what is te business case for adding hops and this dependency?


@Michel de Rooij 

Hi Yes, 

I know it's not great but we need to route through our OP Hybrid to begin. 

Then, in the future, we are looking to send from the Azure App to Exchange Online.  


The latter would be the preferred method for me too. 


I assume in order to do that all I would need to do is configure the send mail in the Azure App to send to using a valid licensed account. 



I think that would be the wisest, as that would put it in EXO's ecosystem, adds options to monitor flow and rules, while connectors with centralized mail-transport configuration would reroute those messages back to on-prem before they get send out.