Reporting on EOP/MDO Spam Confidence Levels of "Moved to Junk" and Quarantined messages

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I'm working with a client who use customized Anti-Spam policy settings, and are considering moving over to the Standard Preset Policies instead.  One difference between the two things is that their current config only does MoveToJmf for HighConfidenceSpam, while Standard preset does Quarantine.  They would like to know how many spam vs highconfidencespam they're getting.


I find no report options (GUI/PowerShell) that offer this visiblity.  I know that Get-QuarantineMessage / Quarantine GUI both show this level of detail.  But nothing else does.  Since the Quarantine is only good for Quarantined messages (doesn't help with MoveToJmf'd messages), I'm hoping there is some way to retrieve the SCL score or just the classification of spam or highconfidencespam.


Does anyone know of a way to get this info at scale?

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Hi @Jeremy Bradshaw,

What I usually do is run a query on

There, on the left side menu, under "Email & collaboration" you'll find "Explorer".

You can filter there the dates, kind of messages, Original delivery, ( if the message landed on Junk, Inbox, Quarantine... ), and also the detection confidence level. You can also export the result list and get all the data you need in an excel file. 

Remember to Customize the columns of the result list in order to visualize exactly what you're looking for.


Hope this helps :)

Have a nice day.

This is a nice to know feature. I just went to check it out and realized it's only available for the phish-specific view. What I'm after is exactly this, but for Spam Confidence Level instead of Phish Confidence Level. Thanks regardless as this is nice to know. Hoping somebody has a trick up their sleeve to get similar capabilities for spam/highconfidencespam.
You're right, just tried to filter out SPAM and faced the same scenario. I would give a try to the Get-MailDetailATPReport, ( ). Not tried yet from my side, but I'll do so once I have some time. On the other hand, I'm quite sure that we'll be able to filter out and get that data from the prebuild Office365 Connector in Power-Bi.