Replacing on premise Exchange server

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Hi All,

We have an old hybrid 2016 exchange server on O/S 2012, it only has the administrator mailbox on it and is used as a relay for our MFC and on-premise software (email notifications etc) - all users mail files are in the cloud.

My thoughts are to build a 2019 sever, install exchange 2019 standard - don't see why we need hybrid, bog standard should be fine - then I will add the connectors to and from the cloud and simply migrate my MFC over to the new exchange server to relay messages and then remove the old exchange server.

Does that sound about right? It sounds too simple to me!

Any pointers much appreciated


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That process should cover it. Don't forget you get an Exchange hybrid license from Microsoft if you do decide to run the HCW. Another option to reduce the attack footprint is to use Edge Transport role for relaying rather than a full Exchange version . The last item in this FAQ has some details if you go down this route.