Replace last server with management tools

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Hi, i have some questions.


We are running a Hybrid Exchange Server Version "Exchange Server 2016 CU23 May22SU".

All mailboxes moved to Exchange Online and we plan to shutdown the server.

Do i need to remove all system mailboxes and databases prior to this? Or can i leave those?


We plan to use the Exchange 2019 CU12 Management Tools on a domain joined workstation.

Do we need to extend the schema if we already did with "Exchange Server 2016 CU23 May22SU"?

Can we install the 2019 Management Tools if the Exchange 2016 is still running or should we do this afterwards?


Thank you.

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As you do not uninstall the last Exchange Server, you do not remove the last mailbox database containing the system mailboxes. You simply shut down the last server forever.

You must extend the AD schema with the latest Exchange Server 2019 schema.


Have you read the following articles?



thank you.

usually gui setup says under prerequisites that the schema needs to be extended, but that's not the case here, that's a bit weird, or is the schema already up to date?