Renaming Resource Mailbox - hybrid environment

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 Hello all, 


I am hoping someone can help me close a gap here.  I have some conference rooms that I need to rename.  In our environment, we have hybrid with ADFS & AADConnect.  All of our mailboxes are in O365.


I understand how to do this rename if we are on-prem or in the cloud, but I am getting stuck walking through the process with hybrid.


The current resource mailboxes are in O365, but they have corresponding on-prem AD objects.  


Should I move these back on prem, make the changes and re-migrate them?  How can I accomplish this while keeping the on-prem AD object "in sync" with the cloud mailbox?




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How did you create the resouce mailboxes in the first place? If you created them on-prem and moved them to O365, you should have all the relevant attributes populated on-prem. So make the changes there and wait for the sync.


If you have created them directly in O365 or "matched" them against existing objects, you are most likely missing some of the required attributes on-prem. In which case changing the on-prem attributes might or might not work :)

Excellent!  I believe I created them on-prem..  I will give this a shot - and this is much simpler than I was thinking.


Thank you