Remove-CalendarEvents for Exchange 2016

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Has anyone heard if the new Remove-CalendarEvents PS command will ever be back ported to Exchange 2016. I believe it only works with 2019 on-prem and O365 if I'm not mistaken. Sure would be nice to cancel meetings through PS. Thanks, Doug
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Tagging @Julia Foran so you can get info directly from the source. But pretty sure the answer is NO.

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No, we do not plan to release that cmdlet on older Exchange servers -- it's only available in Exchange 2019 and Office 365.


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How does it work when you have an Exchange Hybrid? 

User where you want to remove the calendarevents from is in ExO, but roommailboxes are still on-premises? 

Any difference with Hybrid Exchange 2016 vs Hybrid Exchange 2019?


I suppose the functionality in the back-end is in fact sending cancellation emails, so a hybrid scenario should just work?


A nice to have would be if you could customize the cancellation email so people are also informed why the meeting is cancelled.


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The cmdlet can only be run against Exchange 2019 or Office 365 mailboxes that are still mail-enabled/active. When the cmdlet is run, the mailbox will send out cancellation messages to all attendees & rooms invited to the meeting. So rooms in Exchange 2016 would receive the message and have their calendar cleared.

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If users have a hybrid environment with exchange 2016. you can run the cmdlet by connecting to excahnge online via powershell. It will work just fine: Connect-ExchangeOnline