Remove Auditing from exchange mailbox

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I am trying to move an account from Exchange On-Prem to Exchange Online. The migration failed to complete because there were too many items in a single folder.


I checked the ItemsInFolder for the affected user and found the "AUDITS" folder has over 3 million items in it. I want to remove the items from the mailbox, and then restart the Auditing when the mailbox is in Office 365.


I disabled auditing on the mailbox using the powershell command "get-mailbox <user> | set-mailbox -AuditEnabled $false". This does not remove the folder, and the Items in the folder continued to increase.


I set the time to keep audit items to 0 by "Get-Mailbox <user> | set-mailbox -AuditLogAgeLimit 0". After issuing this command I got a warning telling me that it will immediately delete all audit logs.

GREAT! That's what I want, but no, it doesn't delete the audit logs, and they continue to grow.

How can I delete this folder or the contents of this folder? I seem to be going in circles.

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Thanks for posting BrentStobbs, would be interested as well.

Any updates, could you resolve the issue in the meanwhile?