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I want to ask if it is possible to automatically move new mails for a shared mailbox to a subfolder within that same mailbox, e.g. shared mailbox gets a mail from than this mail is placed in the inbox subfolder "def" and another mail from is placed in the inbox subfolder "ght"?

I'm planning to hybrid migrate an exchange 2010 public folder environment to exchange online shared mailboxes but customer wants to have only a few shared mailboxes compared to the count of public folders. Besides is it even possible to migrate public folders to shared mailboxes with a hybrid deployment and native tools?


Sry for the double question.


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Hi, you can add rules to a shared mailbox as shown in the following -


I'd personally not do it this way though and I'd keep the same number of Shared Mailboxes.  There is no reason to specifically reduce the number of Shared Mailboxes in Exchange Online as you do not require licences for these mailboxes.


As for the second question, there is no direct way to migrate public folders to shared mailboxes.  You can do a public folder migration though or setup public folder coexistence within your hybrid environment.




Hi Peter,


thanks for your first answer, this was really helpful :)

The reason for the small amount of mailboxes are the backup licenses, where every shared mailbox needs to be licensed too in our partner backup software.


I want to get rid of the public folders especially as my customer is using them only for monitoring or "spam" mail messages, so their whole purpose was more a shared mailbox type than a public folder type anyways.

As I couldn't find any direct native route for the migration, which you confirmed is not existing at all, I currently planning to make an PST-File Export from public folder and import to the shared mailbox as the whole data size is only ~3GB after cleaning up.

Are there any objectives against this method?


I couldn't find a good powershell script for this but I should be able to do this manually within a reasonable time, hopefully.


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Ah that makes sense, am with you now! :smile:


No, I see no reason why you can't go ahead with your pst export / import method.  I'd probably go that way myself in your shoes.

Thanks for your answers, they were really helpful!
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Happy to help.  Have a great week. :smile:

Login into Office 365 Admin portal.

Expand Groups and select Shared mailboxes.

Double click on the shared mailbox you want to change.

Click Edit at the right of the Sent items row.

Change the settings then Save and close the dialog.