Recurring meeting - Series gets declined due to one conflict

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Hi All


Hope everyone is well. I was wondering if someone could possibly assist me with a query I have. If I create a recurring meeting and the resource mailbox is not available during one of the time slots it the entire series gets declined. It possible to configure a resource mailbox to perhaps accept the bulk of the series and just decline the conflicts. I've been playing around Set-calendarprocessing -conflictpercentageallowed and -allconflicts but I cannot seem to come right. Appreciate any advice.

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ConflictPercentageAllowed should do it, and in some cases MaximumConflictInstances might be more appropriate. You should leave AllowConflicts to its default value for the other parameters to apply. More info and examples here:

@Vasil Michev 


Thanks Vasil for pointing me in the right direction.


I used the following values for now thou. Will tweak them if need be.

ConflictPercentageAllowed 100


MaximumConflictInstances 3