Recoverable Items - Quota and removal

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Hi All,


Just thought I would raise this issue on here, currently a little stuck on getting an issue resolved with one of our mailboxes.


Subject to a high number of emails being deleted, found that the recoverable items folder have reached the quota ~100GB.



As a result had followed the steps within the below link - And various other steps.


We do have a org wide retention policy in place, the mailbox has since been excluded and removed from in place holds


with the below confirmation

PS C:\> Get-Mailbox -Identity 'mailbox' | select *holds*



As a result any further items attempting to delete, will just reappear into the deleted items folder.



At this point stuck on my next point of attack

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Did you follow the rest of the steps in the article, specifically disabling Single item recovery? Delay hold and protocol access shouldn't matter, but with SIR enabled, deleted messages will still be kept in the Purges subfolder, even without a litigation/retention hold applied.

@Vasil Michev 


SIR was disabled at first, realised what the issue was when going through the steps, had the incorrect folder entered into the search criteria, entered in the correct folder and was able to complete the search and purge of the items.