Recommended EOP Tweaks? - noticing lots of junk getting through

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We have been getting a fair amount of no-brainer junk messages in our users inboxes over the past several weeks.  Things I would fully expect EOP to catch.  


We are using EOP and ATP (standard config).


Is anyone else noticing this?  Recommendations of tweaking EOP from the standard config to help with things like this?


This is what makes people in our organization start clammering for a 3rd party spam filter to route our mail through, but we've had issues with that kind of thing before, but I am running out of explanations for why these simple ones are getting through.

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It might be worth checking out Terry Zink: Security Talk's blog, if that's not one you have come across already -


There are plenty of posts there about improving EOP and the like, not a recent article, so it won't have the latest info but I quite like this post -


How I personally use Outlook with Office 365


Personally, we went down the third party route, after EOP was not working as well as we hoped and ATP not being enough.  This was more about protecting against cyber threats rather than nuisance emails.

Well there are many settings you can toggle under the ASF section (, but usually companies prefer to allow the occasional spam message instead of blocking potential important mail. Still, I've seen people opt for the Hard Fail SPF one, or the NDR backscatter.