Receiving emails that were NOT sent to me...

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I have been dealing with this for sometime now and have tried to dig and get to the bottom of it but I cannot figure it out. 


Every couple of days I receive an email that was 100% not sent to me. The emails are being sent to people outside out organization and I have absolutely nothing to do with them. The majority of the time they show up in my Junk box but occasionally they show in my Inbox.


Does ANYONE know what may cause this and how it can be resolved? To the best of my knowledge it is only happening to me. 

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This can be caused by some form of forwarding, or the messages in question can simply be spam/phishing ones. Best report those to your IT support folks, as they can obtain additional data via Message trace:


@Vasil Michev 

I am the IT Support Folks :D


Definitely no forwarding rule involved nor is it spam/phishing. They are actual emails that our employees have sent to people outside our organization. 


The message traces show that the emails are sent to both the external person and myself. However I am NOT on the email outbound in any way shape or form... When I look at the email in my inbox it only shows the external user in the "to field". 

You might as well be in the BCC field. Or have a rule that auto-BCCs you. Again, message trace (and detailed message trace) should give you a hint.

@Vasil Michev 


I have investigated all of those paths. There are no rules set up for that and I am NOT on the BCC field of these emails. The message traces have not given any further insight into this. 



Did you manage to fix the issue?