Received emails twice for one conversation

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On Tuesday the 12th I've received an email at 13:08 and had a conversation sending and receiving some emails on this conversation.
Today, Friday the 15th I openened my Outlook and received as new all these emails again during the night:



If I open the first one I can see the true date time of reception:



If I take a look at the Exchange Admin Center, and look for this email, I can see sent and received events of both days, but I only have one copy of this email:



It didn't happen to other emails or conversations, only to this one. What happened? Thanks for your help.


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Is this an internal mail flow? M365 to M365?


Another good path to take is to run a Extended Message trace report to check message tracking log (DUPLICATEDELIVER) under eventID.



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Yes and No...I mean, there were multiple recipient mailboxes, some internal from the company and one external non O365. 
It happened only one time with this conversation, so I'll take a look with the Get-MessageTrackingLog you mentioned, thanks a lot.