Receive Connector from Office 365 Best Practice?

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We're looking to setup Exchange Hybrid with centralized transport. I seem to have incorrectly assumed the Hybrid Configuration Wizard would create the receive connector for my on-prem servers. I can obviously do this manually, but there's concern that with allowing all the required IP ranges in Exchange Online that someone else from a different tenant could send email directly to our on-prem Exchange servers.


What are the best practices for receive connector Inbound from Office 365 and how can I ensure it will only allow mail from our Exchange Online tenant?

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Hi @geek2point0,


When you setup Exchange Hybrid in your scenario, you need to allow all IP Ranges from EOP (Exchange Online Protection) to your Exchange On-Premises, because your Tenant can send email from any IP from that range more information here

Is not possible to block a different Tenant to send email directly, but they need to know your IP address, if you want to control more, please use another IP and name dedicated to your connector.


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Nuno Árias Silva 

@Nuno Silva 


Other Office 365 tenants attempting to connect directly to your on-prem Exchange using this connector will be considered "Outside the Organization" and "Anonymous" and not have the proper domain in the X-Org header. 


This is a great article explaining how you can create Transport rules to block emails from other Office 365 tenants that don't go through your MX record: