Random Users' Mobile Devices being Quarantined




Has anyone lately been having the issue where random users' mobile devices are being quarantined out of the blue?  We do have set in Exchange Online to quarantine any new device, but these devices were previously granted access.  This also happened a few weeks ago as well to a different group of users.  Can't seem to find an audit or activity log to see what is triggering or why they are being quarantined?


Thanks in advance!

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Have you checked with the users, changing some security-related settings on the device might force it to fall out of compliance/be quarantined. OS updates might result in a new device relationship being created, which in your scenario will default to quarantine state.

@Vasil Michev 

Yes, I have with the users and I can't seem to pinpoint a common scenario like iOS or Android OS updates.  It just seems odd and with it being so random just makes it frustrating.  Thanks for the response.