"Throttled" image when connecting to EXO from Outlook

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Getting a lot of customers that are getting this image when trying to connect to Exchange Online from the outlook client.


Anyone seeing this?

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Let me also say, Outlook clinet says "need password" and when they click on that to enter in password, that is the box that pops up. We just got around 11-15 different customers all call in at the same time, with the same issue

Yep, we got this too (as well as 2 other tenants I know of). Seems to be pretty wide spread. Yet I don't see a service outage on this. 

Yea, we keep getting calls/tickets on it from different tenants too. We are trying to open a Service ticket with MS but we are on Hold (9 mins now) since calling in to open a case.. And yea, no SI on SHD that we can see either.

Yes - seeing this with Outlook as well as our Skype clients. OWA works with no issues.

same thing in our tenant, happened within the past hour


also affecting Skype for Business

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Finally, got a SI out on it